Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy

Supahulk Ltd specialises in the creative engineering of inflatable structures for the architectural, consumer and events markets.  We are very aware of the environmental impact that inflatable structures can have and we strive to minimise that impact at each stage in the product life-cycle.

We commit to meeting and exceeding the requirements of environmental regulations, to the prevention of pollution, and to continual improvements in the environmental performance of our operations and our products.

Specifically we commit to:
•    Researching and offering lightweight materials to reduce material consumption and transportation impact.
•    Offering durable alternatives to PVC, for example PU-coated Polyester.
•    Researching and offering suitable European suppliers to reduce freight impact. 
•    Supporting sea or road-freight as an alternative to air-freight where project timescales permit.
•    Considering environmental credentials in our choice of suppliers.
•    Researching more sustainable end-of-life options including re-use, energy recovery and biodegradation.
•    Sending off-cut materials from our prototyping workshop for re-use by schools.
•    Monitoring and reducing the use of materials and resources throughout our facility including water, electricity, raw materials and other resources.
•    Communicate our environmental commitment to employees, clients, suppliers and the public.
•    Monitor our progress and review our environmental performance on a yearly basis.

Duncan Gray, Director, will be responsible for ensuring that this policy is reviewed at least annually. 
Duncan Gray                    Date: 13th August 2014